Software Development  QA and Testing

Quality Assurance (QA) and testing has key role in the software development lifecycle. While the QA function is crucial to software development process, most often it is neglected. The QA and testing function frequently ends into an extraneous policing function or is absorbed into the engineering team. Either way the QA function deserves better attention and focus.

Pro-active QA planning has enabled our customers to:

  • Reduce cost of quality
  • Significantly reduce development time, effort and costs
  • Increase customer / user satisfaction due to lower software errors
REDCELL Expertise

Over the years, we have developed world-class expertise in QA and testing. We have crystallized and encapsulated our expertise into a well-defined methodology.
Our experience and expertise spans several facets of testing, including:

  • Testing Strategy Design,
  • Test Execution,
  • System and Performance Testing,
  • Regression Testing,
  • Automated Testing, and
  • We have extensive experience with Testing Suites from leading vendors like Mercury, Rational, and Segue.
  • REDCELL Offerings

    We offer a wide range of services and several engagement options to suit your requirements best.

      Basic Testing Services
    • Detailed Hardware Inventory
    • Web-enabled Reporting
      Managed Services
    • Pilot Rollout / Testing of Software Validity
    • Impact Analysis
    • Security Updates
    • Service Packs
      Consulting Services
    • Patch Discovery
    • Full Patch Impact Analysis in a Lab Environment
    • Patch Deployment in Production Environment
      Automated Testing Services
    We provide a range of services to our clients looking to automate their testing process. These include:
    • Automated Testing Strategies,
    • Tool Selection, Configuration and Implementation, and
    • Automated Test Development and Execution.
      Performance Testing Services
    • Load and Stress Testing
    • Results Analysis and Improvement Strategies
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