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With rich experience from helping many global corporations successfully launch digital transformation operations, REDCELL knows that digital transformation today are key drivers in the modern business enterprise.
The growing importance of digital transformation drives REDCELL to unceasingly innovate in terms of processes and technologies so that customers maximize return on their investments.

REDCELL Expertise
  Taking the lead in evolving well-orchestrated digital transformation strategies and solutions for a range of business priorities and issues, REDCELL expertise has helped customers:
  • Increase Revenue
  • Reduce Cost
  • Enable Multi-channel Ttransactions
  • Streamline Business Processes
  • Maximize Business Reach
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Increase Employee Retention
  • Ramp up Customer Acquisition
REDCELL Offerings
  REDCELL provides end-to-end digital transformation solutions that comprise tools, expertise, methodologies and processes using cutting-edge technologies based on Microsoft and Java platforms. REDCELL enables organizations to transform themselves for digital evolution with the following service offerings:
  • Enterprise Portals - Even as rapid advances in Internet technologies revolutionize the way business is conducted, REDCELL is helping organizations eager to exploit new technologies to gain strategic and competitive advantages. We work with our customers to turn their portals into default platforms for commerce, communication and collaboration.
REDCELL Expertise
  The scores of projects we have successfully executed stand testimony to the expertise and values we bring to our clients. We have not only successfully resolved challenges faced by our customer but we have also delivered immense business value and benefits.
The combination of technology expertise, domain expertise, business knowledge and proven methodologies has ensured success for our customers.
Our consultants have expert knowledge of
  • Integration with legacy back-end systems, ERP and other third-party services
  • Content and Document management
  • Implementation of intranets, extranets and knowledge of management systems
REDCELL Offerings
  REDCELL’s Portal approach is based on a solution framework that addresses the entire gamut of issues involved in building an enterprise portal.
REDCELL delivers a full complement of portal solutions including enterprise portals, customer portals, supplier portals, corporate portals and employee portals. We specialize in integrating multiple applications, transactions, channels and content into a single, personalized interface. REDCELL’s portal solutions include:
  • Developing customer portals, migrating and integrating several customer-facing channels into a common framework
  • Developing a content management and delivery framework that streamlines content submission, acquisition, delivery and makes maintenance easy
  • Implementing and deploying advanced collaboration tools, thus solving communication and collaboration problems vertically and horizontally
  • Developing employee portals that provide employees with an advanced virtual workspace, collaboration and knowledge-sharing platform, thus facilitating day-to-day operations, reducing operational costs and increasing productivity
  • Providing a framework for business process and workflow management
  • Simplifying security with a single sign-on identity while following logical business rules
  • Integrating diverse applications and overcoming physical distances
EAI & Web Services
  REDCELL's EAI service provides clients with a proven approach, components and processes that enable us to build best in class business solutions. This is achieved by the integration of diverse applications on an architecture framework that delivers optimum efficiency.
REDCELL Expertise
  Apart from our wide repertoire of technologies and skilled resources built through strategic partnerships, clients benefit from our experience and a wide range of skill sets acquired through extensive exposure to product engineering and enhancement projects.
Our expertise has roots in strong alliances with leading technology providers like IBM and Microsoft a leader in J2EE/XML based Web Services platforms, to build synchronous, asynchronous and Web Services frameworks.
REDCELL Offerings
  • EAI - Our solution approach includes one or more of the following forms of integration:
    - Platform Integration
    - Data Integration
    - Component Integration
    - Application Integration
    - Process Integration
  • Technologies and Development Approach - Typical elements in the EAI technology framework
  • Web Services - REDCELL’s cumulative experience across various vertical industries & web service technology platforms has enabled us to develop solutions that have successfully enhanced our clients’ enterprise application eco-systems.
    REDCELL's Web Services framework
  • Web Services Assessment & Strategy - We provide consulting services to organizations to help formulate a strategy that leverages the Web Services architecture based on a well-defined ROI.
  • Application Transformation - We offer services to transform existing applications such as ERP, CRM, SCM, Document Management, Knowledge Management and legacy systems into application web services. This is the first step towards achieving complete Internal Business Process Integration (IBPI) & External Business Process Integration (EBPI) and leveraging the web services architecture.
  • Product Transformation - We offer services that transform / reengineer software products to support web services.
  • Performance & Tuning - We offer strong capability to diagnose and fix performance related problems in your web services infrastructure.
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