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The technology landscape has witnessed tremendous change and growth in the past decade. This has resulted in enormous pressure on IT organizations’ ability to manage the portfolio of applications, envelope scores of applications and span different generations of technologies. The cost and budgetary pressure of the past few years have only compounded the problem.

REDCELL Expertise
We have honed the science of application management virtually to a fine art - balancing the right strategy, technologies, methodologies and processes to deliver better and more reliable applications to our clients.
We have perfected various methodologies from the traditional waterfall method and its variants to newer iterative development cycles, spiral methodology and extreme programming techniques.

REDCELL Offerings
Our applications management solutions are designed to provide flexible, full-life-cycle support and free your critical resources to focus on more strategic activities.
Our solutions cover the entire application life cycle activities, from formulating the technology strategy through architecture, development, maintenance and providing day-to-day operational support.

REDCELL’s Application Management suites of services include:

  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Application Migration and Reengineering
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Enterprise Application Integration and Web Services

Development & Maintenance

Corporates are looking to deliver value added IT services to all their stakeholders and perceive IT services as an enabler to further the organization's visions and strategies rather than a pure service function. In today's environment of dynamic technology changes, rapidly evolving business models, CIO's are challenged to effectively develop, maintain and deliver value added IT services, all with the pressure to maintain and lower the IT related costs.

REDCELL has extensive experience in delivering Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) services. REDCELL’s proven methodology and governance model enables our clients to strengthen their commitment to their customers, improve service delivery, quality and reduce operational expenditure.

REDCELL Expertise

We have deep expertise in a wide range of technologies from mainframe to client/server to web technologies. We have perfected various methodologies from the traditional waterfall method and its variants to newer methodologies like RUP, spiral methodology and extreme programming techniques.
We extensively use UML to model systems across the development lifecycle. Our architects focus on designing solutions for reliability, robustness and extendibility.

REDCELL Offerings

  • Application Development
    Our end-to-end application development services, coupled with our Global Flexi-Delivery model offers our clients a wide range of engagement options to support their application development needs. Our expertise in technologies covers legacy technologies such as mainframes, COBOL and C, client server technologies such as Powerbuilder and VB, object oriented languages such as Java and C++, databases such as Oracle and SQL Server and the latest web technologies such as J2EE and .Net.

  • Application Maintenance
    REDCELL provides end-to-end solutions for maintaining your portfolio of applications. REDCELL’s well-defined Application Maintenance methodology focuses on smooth transitioning of your application maintenance activities to a group of seasoned professionals and providing 24X7 support based on well-defined SLAs.
    REDCELL provides range maintenance and support services that include providing teams that can help you maintain your applications by delivering enhancements and bug fixes to providing production support right from Level 1 (Help Desk) to Level 4 (Technical Support).
    Our offerings cover the entire software development life cycle (SDLC) - from business case analysis to warranty support of the application.

  • Migration & Re-Engineering

    REDCELL teams often deal with legacy applications that are of great value to organizations as they encapsulate critical business processes. However, these applications can prove to be stumbling blocks for an enterprise-wide IT architecture and present several challenges in their ongoing maintenance. These include high maintenance costs, non-availability of experienced resources and the difficulty in adapting to changing business and regulatory environment.

    REDCELL’s application migration and re-engineering practice solutions helps organizations overcome these problems and unlock the value of these applications. The return on investment (ROI) on a migration project results from enhanced business support, significant improvement in the ability to integrate applications and reduced licensing and maintenance costs.

    REDCELL Expertise

    REDCELL follows a structured methodology for migrating legacy applications. The methodology enables a phase -wise and iterative approach allowing customers to break up the project into smaller manageable units, minimizing the risk.
    REDCELL’s domain expertise in chosen business verticals is a key factor in its ability to flawlessly execute large re-engineering projects.
    REDCELL has proven capability to develop parsers to extract and forward-engineer business rules residing in legacy applications.

    REDCELL Offerings
    REDCELL’s Migration and Reengineering methodology is a four-phased approach. The key to the approach is ensuring continuity and transparency across all the phases. This is achieved with utilization of appropriate tools that bind and drive the entire project.
    REDCELL services cover the entire spectrum of application migration and re-engineering including:

    • Application Analysis: Analyzing the suitability of an application migration or re-engineering exercise including the choice of the target architecture.
    • Portfolio Analysis: Analyzing the suitability of re-engineering an entire portfolio of related applications.
    • Platform Migration: Migrating an existing application to new hardware, operating system, database or programming environment.
    • Application Re-engineering: Completely redesigning an application in order to provide superior functionality by taking advantage of new technology standards.
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