Business Solutions  Global Engagement Model

REDCELL's delivery model blending Onsite and/or Proximity and Offshore locations into a single integrated, seamless service.

REDCELL's model helps leverage capacity, capabilities, competitive pricing, and competencies across geographies to improve delivery and predictability and achieve customer satisfaction through cost effective way to lower risk and improve productivity.

  • REDCELL's objective
    REDCELL's objective is to maximize outsourcing value to the client. In addition to the advantage of lower cost environments, it achieves economies of scale through globally distributed, specialized center-based delivery.
  • Global Engagement Model
    Global Engagement Model is blending of Onsite and/or Proximity and Offshore. REDCELL can help companies build a portfolio of on-site, offshore, proximity, delivery locations - targeting global delivery with local service.
    Our Global Delivery Model includes a proximity development centers in the US and an offshore development center in Peru.
  • Umbrella engagement under a partnering model
    REDCELL is fully flexible in fashioning IT partnering arrangements that are tailored to our client's requirements. Every partnering model will be drawn upon services that are necessary for the fulfillment of that engagement. A defined process and a methodology govern every service element of the engagement model.
  • Program Management Office
    Program Management Office includes client and REDCELL representation at the right levels. Our PMO aligns project with business mission and technology standards. Our PMO solution provides expert professionals that include client and REDCELL representation at the right levels. Leveraging our extensive track record for managing complex, mission-critical technology projects, the PMO helps clients place a true bottom line focus on the technology life cycle.
  • Processes to manage global delivery
    REDCELL offers an Integrated approach to service management. Our standardized processes ensure every component within the Global Delivery network delivers the same world-class level of quality, consistency and reliability.
  • Transparency
    We offer complete transparency in delivering value to clients through our established processes.
Delivery Models
  Offshore Delivery Model
  This model best suits projects with a well-defined 'Project Plan'. Onsite program managers from REDCELL interact on a regular basis with the client to manage the requirements for outsourcing. In certain cases the program manager is located offshore and establishes regular communications through fax, telephone and email. Regular onsite meetings further support them. Progress reports are sent to the client on a regular basis. The client can conduct mid-term reviews with the program manager at their offices or at the offshore office. Our engineers also facilitate installation and acceptance testing at the client's office.
Maintenance projects, porting requirements and application development to well defined specifications are some of the engagements that are typically delivered in an offshore mode. While a complete offshore model is the most cost-effective solution for some clients, the model has a higher inherent level of risk. Risk management in such cases becomes a critical success factor.
  Onsite Delivery Model
  The duration and nature of engagement or the lack of proper definition in certain types of engagements often requires work to be done completely onsite at the client premises. This is especially true in the case of product engineering related services and when the project scope is open-ended and iterative in nature.
Our onsite services span a range of computing environments and business areas. We can provide clients with consultants and programmers in diverse relevant areas and technologies. Our services include Business Requirements Analysis and Technology Assessment, Formulation of Functional Specifications, Design, Coding, Testing, Maintenance and Support.
During the assignment, our consultants report to the onsite project manager. At the same time, they are also expected to report to our offices in South America on a weekly basis.
  Proximity Model
  Our Global Delivery Model includes proximity development centers in the US.
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